Lookback Live is great for conducting remote moderated interviews. Your team can stream your session live if they'd like, too! This article gives you an overview of how to set up and conduct a Live session.


Once you create a project, click on the Live Link button in the top right corner.

This will bring up a modal that shows a few different things:

Live Link for the Participant – This is the link you send to all participants for a project. Each project only has one Live Link for participants. However, a unique interview room is created for each participant who clicks on the Live Link, so you never have to worry about one participant interfering with a different session. You can have multiple moderated Live sessions at one time in a project.

Starting Web URL (Optional) – If you are testing a desktop website, an iOS website/prototype, or an Android app, you can paste the URL of website, prototype, or the Google Play Store download link into the Starting Web URL text field. If you do this, participants will be automatically directed to the URL during your session.

Live Observer LinkThis URL will direct teammates to your project, where they will be able to join the Live session once the participant is ready. Send this link to anyone in your Organization with a collaborator or observer account who you would like to watch your session live. Please note: Observers must access the link and log in via a desktop.

Inviting Participants and Participant Setup

Invite participants by sending them the Live Link for the Participant (mentioned above). When participants click on it, they will be prompted to download the necessary Lookback Participate App or Chrome extension for their device, if they don't already have it already installed. 

After the app/extension is installed, when the participant clicks the link again, they will be taken through quick setup steps on the app/extension to give their phone or computer access to video, audio, and screensharing. After this, they will be shown a screen that says "All set. We're just waiting for the other party to join." At this point, they need to wait for the moderator to join.

Check out these email templates you can use to explain to participants how to get set up on Lookback.

Prepping for a Session

It is extremely important to check you are on a strong WiFi Connection and are not affected by a Firewall, before you start a Live session with a participant. This will ensure you don't experience any hiccups during the test. 

Also make sure to connect headphones with a built-in microphone so that the audio is clear. Headphones cut out echo.

(In fact, when the test begins, it'd be a good idea to check if the participant has also conncetd their headphones, is also on a good WiFi Connection and is not affected by a Firewall.)

Joining a Session

Once the participant is reaches the page that says "All set. We're just waiting for the other party to join," the Live session will appear both in the Lookback project from which you sent the Live link and under the "Live" tab in your dashboard. Click on the session to join.

Once you click on the session, you will see a link you can copy/paste to invite Observers. If you would like to have your colleagues to stream your session live, feel free to send this link to them! Then, click Join Live Session.

Please note, your colleagues must have a collaborator or observer account to watch a live session.

Begin Moderating

To moderate the session you just joined, click the Start session button. 

You can select which microphone and camera to use, then click Call participant. 

Remember that using a microphone is mandatory when moderating a session.

The participant will now receive a notification saying you are calling them and they will have the option to accept your call or reject it. If they accept, you will be put into a recorded session.

Taking Notes and Chatting During a Session

During a Live session, you and your teammates can chat and add notes using the pane on the right.

The chat is a place for everyday, random chatter with your team. It's a place for observers to ask questions, and to discuss the session in general. The whole team can view the chat later on, on the full-length recording, but these messages won't show up on the timeline. So chat away!

Notes can be used for annotating the current Live session. All notes are saved with a timestamp, so you can easily find the moment in the session where you added the note later on, in the full-length recording.

Ending a Session

To end a session as a moderator, click on the End Session button in the top right. Once you do so, the session will upload and process.

You and your team will be able to view your recording in your project dashboard.

Awesome work. You've just made a Live session! 🎉

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