How can I make my mobile prototype full-screen?

Get rid of the Prototype address bar on your iOS or Android Prototype

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If you're testing an iOS or Android Prototype that is accessed via a browser, you can also choose whether to show the address bar and other browser controls. 

If you've already created your 'Round' you can also click the 'Edit' button beside your 'Round' to change your 'Browser' control preferences.

This functionality is available for iOS and Android devices and will hide the browser address bar, the back and forward buttons, etc.

Here's what your participant will see on our iOS Participate app:

Please note: enabling Controls hidden does not mean the device's native header and footer bars will go away. For example, when using an iPhone X for a session where Controls hidden has been enabled, the browser control bar is hidden, but you'll see the device's status bar and app switcher.

Different iPhone and Android models and operating systems might behave differently, and in some cases, it's possible we won't be able to hide the device's browser controls.

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