How can I test an unreleased app?

App not yet available in the app stores? Test it easily with Lookback!

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Once your app is ready to be tested, your participants (testers) have been selected, and you've designed your testing, you're set to conduct your Lookback sessions. We offer Participant Email templates that explain how participants would need to install Lookback's Participate App and carry out a SelfTest (unmoderated), Tasks (unmoderated) or join a LiveShare (moderated). Depending on whether you're an iOS or Android user, we suggest that you also add Apple's instructions for TestFlight or Google's instructions for Play Console to the templates.

So first off, the participants should open the initial participant email and follow instructions for either TestFlight or Google Play Console, then return to the participant email, click the Lookback Participant Link and finally, start the research session.

  • On iOS: request your participant to start a session via Lookback's Participate App, then navigate to the TestFlight App and test your Beta – Lookback will continue recording the participant's screen.Β 

  • On Android, you could either use Google Play Console to test your app with specific groups or open your test to Google Play users. Request your participant to start a session on Lookback's app Participate, navigate to the Beta App and start testing – Lookback will continue recording the participant's screen.Β 

Once testing is complete, the participant needs to return to Lookback's app Participate and follow the usual prompts to "End session".

πŸš€ Lookback supports systemwide recording – which means everything on the Participant's device screen will be recorded during a Lookback session as long as the Lookback Participate App (iOS and Android) remains open in the background.


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