Preview Links & Preview Sessions

Preview Sessions are a type of session that lets you experience what your participants will see without affecting your plan limit.

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Preview Links

Preview Links can be accessed in the Round Editor:

They act just like normal links but will not affect your plan limit and will have some special limitations.

These links are a great way to fully test the participant experience before sending a standard link. The sessions use the same flow and have the same device and network requirements as Standard Sessions.

Preview Sessions

Preview Sessions are listed neatly under a toggle in each Round and are available to watch with some limitations:

  • Limited to 1 minute of playback

  • Transcriptions of session are not available

  • Highlight creation is not available

Converting a Preview Session to a Standard Session

There may be some cases where you want to unlock the full capabilities of a preview session and we've made that possible.

For any team members with a Collaborator license, Preview Sessions will have a "Convert to Standard Session" option inside that session's Player when you click on the Preview button

Converting a Preview Session to a Standard Session will have the following effects:

  • Playback will be fully available

  • Transcriptions of session are available

  • Highlights can be created and shared

  • The session will be listed normally inside your Round

  • The session will count towards your Plan Limit

Tips for testing your flow with a Preview Link

For moderated rounds (Interview and LiveShare), we'd recommend working with a colleague to test out your flow so one person can act as the moderator and one person can act as the participant.

However, it's certainly possible to play both roles if you're a sole researcher or can't find anyone else to help. It's best to use separate devices to help keep things straight, but you could also use an Incognito window in Chrome for the Participant's screen.

The process for testing a round:

  1. Send the preview link to your participant (or to the device/window you'll be using as the participant device).

  2. On the participant device, open the Preview Link. If you're doing a LiveShare, SelfTest, or Tasks round, on mobile, you'll be prompted to install our Participate app.

  3. Follow the setup instructions on the participant device. (Please see this collection of help articles for instructions on the participant flow)

  4. When the participant device has finished setup, you'll end up on a screen that says something to the effect of "we're just waiting for the other party to join." If you are doing an unmoderated test (SelfTest or Tasks, you'll just start the session at this point).

  5. From the moderator device, you should be logged in to Lookback in Chrome or Microsoft Edge (these are currently the only 2 browsers supported for moderating). This collection of help articles will assist you on the moderator's side.

  6. You'll see the session for participant device pop up in both the project and in the Live tab (lightning bolt) on the left

  7. Click on the Join button

  8. Enable your camera (option) and if you're acting as both moderator and participant with the devices in the same room, make sure to set microphone to "Microphone off." This is done to help avoid any echo; the Moderator microphone can be enabled if you are working with someone else who's in a different location.

  9. Now the moderator will "call" the participant device

  10. Answer the call on the participant device & now the Preview Session will start!

🚀 There is no limit to how long a Preview Session can last; the only limitations are that you can only watch the first minute of playback, you cannot download or export Preview Sessions, and they cannot be transcribed. If you should decide you want to keep this Preview Session as a full session, you can convert it as detailed above.

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