Preview Links & Preview Sessions

Preview Sessions are a type of session that lets you experience what your participants will see without affecting your plan limit.

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Preview Links

Preview Links can be accessed in the Round Editor. They act just like normal links but will not affect your plan limit and will have some special limitations.

These links are a great way to fully test the participant experience before sending a standard link. The sessions use the same flow and have the same device and network requirements as Standard Sessions.

Preview Sessions

Preview Sessions are listed neatly under a toggle in each Round and are available to watch with some limitations:

  • Limited to 1 minute of playback

  • Transcriptions of session are not available

  • Highlight creation is not available

Converting a Preview Session to a Standard Session

There may be some cases where you want to unlock the full capabilities of a preview session and we've made that possible.

For teammates that have permission, Preview Sessions will have a "Convert to Standard Session" option inside that session's Player.

Converting a Preview Session to a Standard Session will have the following effects:

  • Playback will be fully available

  • Transcriptions of session are available

  • Highlights can be created and shared

  • The session will be listed normally inside your Round

  • The session will count towards your Plan Limit

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