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Welcome to Lookback!

Start here to get an overview of our product

The Trial Experience

All about your first 60 days using Lookback – your trial period

Getting Started

Ready to plan your research? Here's what you need to know, including video tutorials.

Creating projects & conducting research

How to setup and conduct rounds of research

Inviting & the Participant experience

We walk you through the process of inviting your participants to your research project

Email Templates

Email templates to use when inviting Participants to your research project

Analyzing, editing, and sharing research

Invite your colleagues or show them your findings.

Testing approaches & methodologies

How-to's and recommendations for different research types with Lookback

Lookback Roles and Your Organization

Better understand how to structure your organization on Lookback.

Troubleshooting & support

Something not working right? Here are some common troubleshooting tips for researchers.

Plans & billing

Questions around subscriptions, pricing, payments, etc.

Security, Privacy, & Compliance

Questions about GDPR, processors, HIPAA, and more.


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