Moderated testing with Lookback: Interview

A versatile live experience focusing on face-to-face conversations

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Interview is a moderated round type; a versatile live experience that puts the conversation in the spotlight. It's available across all device types and participant onboarding is quicker and smoother than ever.

This article helps you understand how and why you should choose an Interview session.

How does Interview differ from other round types?

  • No app or extension required
    Participants don’t have to install an app or an extension to be able to join an Interview session. They simply click and open the participant link on any browser, and the session is on!

  • Mic and camera capture are optional
    Both participants and moderators can turn off/on mic and camera capture at any point during the session.

  • Screen sharing not required
    There’s no screen sharing required, so the focus is on 1:1 conversation. However, for participants on desktop, screen sharing can be enabled.

  • Keep an eye on how you moderate
    The Moderator can also record their face camera and see their own expressions throughout the session!

All in all, Interview gives participants quick and smooth onboarding and Moderators get an improved in-depth conversation experience right in the Lookback player, with some added flexibility and without losing the great collaborative elements of LiveShare.

Why and when to use the Interview feature

Choose Interview if:

  • you want to focus on a personal discussion with the Participant and screen-sharing is not necessary

  • participants cannot download and App or Chrome Extension

  • you want to give the participant the option when to turn on/off their mic or camera

Choose Interview for:

  • customer interviews about a product or service

  • market research of any kind

  • political and socio-economic studies

  • customer support calls

  • sales calls

  • hiring or performance reviews

  • coaching / mentoring services

The possibilities are limitless!

How to create an Interview Round

1. Create a Project

  • Either click New Round in an existing project or start afresh with a New Project

  • Then select Interview

2. Add a Round Description

  • Click the pencil icon ✏️ and name or describe your round on the top-left corner. This is just for you and your team – your participants will not see this description. It may seem unnecessary, many skip this, but descriptive names for rounds and sessions can prove invaluable when you later need to organize your work.

3. Add a Welcome Message for Participants

The Welcome Message...

  • is shown to Participants before they start the session

  • can be used to eg. explain the context of the session, add links to external consent forms

4. Add a Final Message for Participants

The Final Message...

  • is shown to participants after they end the session

  • is a good place to thank Participants for their time and/or add links to an external (post-session) survey.

🚀 ProTip! Format the text in your Welcome/Final message, using Markdown!

5. Save and copy the Participant Link

  • That’s it! Remember to click Save on the top-right corner!

  • As always, go back to your Project and click the Invite to Remote button beside this Interview Round, copy the Participant Link and send it via e-mail, Slack or whatever communication you prefer.

Behind the glass observers, note taking, chats, highlights, transcriptions and more

All the other features you love and are used to from Lookback's other moderated round type LiveShare remain unchanged:

  • Invite team-members to watch sessions anonymously, take notes, chat and create highlights

  • Share your screen (as moderator) with the participant

  • Have the session transcribed, once it’s been completed

  • Replay the session for post-session analysis and synthesis

  • Download videos, notes, chats and transcriptions

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