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What languages do the participant apps support?
What languages do the participant apps support?

Participate by Lookback is currently available in 5 different languages

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Supported Languages

The Participate by Lookback UI currently supports the following languages:

  1. English

  2. French

  3. German

  4. Portuguese (Brazil)

  5. Spanish

  6. Swedish

Please note: Languages other than English are available only for Extension-free Beta for Desktop, Participate for iOS or newer, and Participate for Android or newer; they are not supported when using the Chrome extension or In-Person mode at this time.

Selecting the Desired Language for Your Participants

To change the language, simply select the desired language in the round editor on the left-hand side:

Please note: this will not change the language in your dashboard; it will only change what the participant sees when they run a session on their device.

When selected, this means that all of the elements and text built-in or "hard coded" into Participate by Lookback will appear in that language. Here's an example of the Participate welcome screen when the language is set to Spanish:

Language Support for Welcome Message, Instructions, & Final Message

For any of the text sections within a round setup (Welcome Message, Instructions, Final Message), you can simply type or copy & paste your text in any language (even those not currently supported in the UI), and the participant will see it exactly as you've typed.

Please note: the language in the text sections does not need to match the language set for the round. In this example, the Language is set to English, but you can still use Spanish in the text sections:

This is how your text will appear to your participants

Welcome Message


Final message

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