Lookback supports systemwide recording - which means everything on the Participant's device screen will be recorded during a Lookback session as long as the Lookback Participate App (iOS and Android) or the Lookback Chrome window (Desktop) is open in the background.

For Desktop, iOS and Android testing we recommend that you add your App/Play Store link as the 'Landing Page' when you create a Round within a Project .

Then, request that Participants:

Once they grant permission to record and start the session, the 'Landing Page' (your App/Play Store link) will be shown to the Participant automatically.
Ask your Participants to:

  • Start testing your App.

Once your Participants are done testing your App, request that they:

  • Navigate back to Lookback's Participate App (in the case of iOS and Android) or to Lookback's Chrome window (in the case of Desktop/Laptop)
  • Follow the usual prompts to "End" the test.


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