How to test Apps with Lookback

Help your participants test Apps with Lookback

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For Desktop, iOS and Android testing we recommend that you add your App/Play Store link and the Lookback Participant Link to the initial Participant Email that you send the Participant.

Then, request that Participants:

  • Open the initial email you sent them.

  • Click your App/Play Store Link and open/install your App.

  • Leave your App open, return to the initial Participant Email, click the Lookback Participant Link.

  • Grant permission to record and start a Lookback LiveShare or SelfTest as they normally would.

  • Leave Lookback's Participate App open and navigate back to your App.

  • Start testing your App.

Once your Participants are done testing your App, request the Participant to:

  • Navigate back to Lookback's Participate App (in the case of iOS and Android) or to Lookback's Chrome window (in the case of Desktop/Laptop)

  • Then follow the usual prompts to "End" the session.

Lookback supports systemwide recording - which means everything on the Participant's device screen will be recorded during a Lookback session as long as the Lookback Participate App (iOS and Android) or the Lookback Chrome window (Desktop) is open in the background.

πŸš€ On iOS, when the Participant leaves the Participate app, we can no longer capture their camera feed or touches/gestures due to Apple's security permissions. On Android, we cannot capture their touches/gestures outside of the Participate app due to Google's restrictions.


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