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Which prototyping tools work with Lookback? How do I set them up?
Which prototyping tools work with Lookback? How do I set them up?
Using Lookback with common prototyping tools
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Prototypes: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web

Lookback supports every prototyping platform — prototypes accessed via a browser or within their own app.

As far as the Lookback flow is concerned, you don’t need to do anything special to record a session with a prototype, just treat it like it’s any other native app or website! This includes, but isn't restricted to:

HOWEVER, it is important that you set your prototype to be publicly viewable. This is done in the prototyping tool. To test if the link is publicly viewable, open the link in an incognito browser.

Testing Prototypes that can be viewed in a Browser

LiveShares, SelfTests, and Tasks all work with any prototype that can be publicly viewed in a browser using a URL on iOS, Android and Desktop.

To use Lookback with a prototype that can viewed in a browser:

If you've already created your 'Round' you can also click the 'Edit' button beside your 'Round' to add your prototype url as the 'Landing page'.

Then request Participants to:

  • Click the Participant link and start a LiveShare, SelfTest, or Task session as they normally would.

  • Then, tap ‘Browser’ to view your prototype on iOS and Android

ProTip! Participants will be shown your prototype automatically when the Landing page loads on Desktop.

Testing Prototypes that are viewed in a Native Prototyping App

LiveShares, SelfTests, and Tasks will also work with prototypes viewed in a Native Prototyping App (iOS, Android and Desktop).

To use Lookback with a prototype that’s viewed in a Native Prototyping App:

  • Add the Native Prototyping App link to the initial Participant Email that you send the Participant - along with the Participant Link.

Then, request Participants to:

  • Open the initial email you sent them.

  • Click the Native Prototyping App Link and open/install the Native Prototyping App.

  • Leave the Native Prototyping App open, return to the initial Participant Email, and click the Lookback Participant Link.

  • Grant permission to record and start a Lookback LiveShare, SelfTest, or Tasks session as they normally would.

  • Leave Lookback's Participate App/Chrome window open and navigate back to the Native Prototyping App.

  • Start testing your prototype.

Once your Participants are done testing your prototype, request Participants to:

  • Navigate back to Lookback's Participate App (in the case of iOS and Android) or Chrome window (in the case of Desktop/Laptop)

  • Then follow the usual prompts to "End" the session.

As long as the Participate App/Chrome window is open in the background, everything on the Participant's device, including Native Prototyping Apps, will be recorded during the session - since our Participate App/Extension supports systemwide recording on iOS, Android and Desktop.

Note: On iOS, once the Participant leaves the Participate Browser, face camera and touch highlights are disabled due to Apple's security permissions. On Android devices, touch highlights are disable outside of the Participate app due to Google's security permissions.


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