Included in your free 60-day trial are 5 sessions to help you test drive the Lookback product. Once you've created your first project, and your first Round of research you're ready to run your first test sessions.

Be sure to:

  1. Try both moderated and unmoderated rounds of research 💭

  2. Invite your team to join a live session as an observer 👥

  3. Ask observers to take notes and chat with them as well ✍🏼

  4. Filter your session feed (live and in replay) to see only what you want to see 📌

  5. Create highlights and highlight reels✂️

  6. Transcribe your sessions into dozens of languages ↪️

  7. Share + collaborate with your stakeholders 🎁

  8. Look through our short demo clips showing off all you can do with Lookback. 🎦

💡 Pro-tip: When you sign up for your trial, be proactive and use the credentials (email) of the person who is most likely to be the owner of the Lookback organization. If you upgrade the existing trial organization, the recordings you did during your trial will carry over, but if instead you start an entirely new Lookback organization, and upgrade that to a paid subscription, you'll lose the trial sessions.


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