Prepare to Observe a Live Session

Make sure you:

At the Scheduled Time

  • Open the link via the url field in the Google Chrome Browser on a Desktop/Laptop (LiveShare) OR in any browser (Interview)

  • If the participant has already joined the LiveShare session you'll see it highlighted in green โ€“ within the specific Project

  • You'll also be able to access the session if you click the Live tab.

  • Click Join

  • If the moderator has already joined the session, on the left of your screen you'll see the participant's screen and face camera recording. You should then be able to hear the Participant and Moderator speaking to each other.

  • You'll be able to see the names of others who are watching, as well as the moderator, on the top right corner of your screen.

๐Ÿ˜€ Fun Fact! Participants won't see you as you're โ€œbehind the glassโ€ in the virtual

Observer Room.

Chatting, Taking Notes and Creating Highlights

This is your virtual Observer Room where those observing the session can spark conversations among themselves, outside the note taking process. The whole team can view the chat later along with the full-length recording, but these messages won't show up on the participant's screen or on the timeline. So chat away!

๐Ÿš€ Pro Tip! @metion team-members in a Chat or Note to draw their attention

during the session and also trigger an email with a link to view post session.

Your moderator will indicate whether they need help taking notes. Notes can be used to capture quotes, insights, @mention team members to join or however the Moderator prefers. When in doubt, reach out and ask them! All notes are saved with a timestamp, so you'll be able to easily find the moment in the session where you added the Note, when you watch the full-length recording.

๐Ÿš€ Pro Tip! We wrote a post on the Art of Note Taking - check it out!

You can create short video snippets to use as an individual asset or to send to stakeholders in reports or deliverables. To create a highlight during a LiveShare, just make a 'Note' and then click the โ˜ผ sun icon to convert the Note into a Highlight. You can edit the length of the Highlight later while you're reviewing the session.

๐Ÿš€ Pro Tip! Too much happening in your 'Session Feed'? Turn on Focus Mode or

apply filters to show only the content that is important to you.

Watching a previously recorded session?

  • Find the link that the moderator sent to you

  • Access the link via the Google Chrome Browser (LiveShare) or any browser (Interview)

  • You'll be taken to the Player view where you can view the session, add notes, create highlights, and @mention your team at key moments

  • You'll also see Notes, Chats and Highlights added by other team members

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