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How to create, edit, and share Reels

Create Reels to share research insights with colleagues and stakeholders

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πŸš€ With the update to our new dashboard, the term "Highlight" has been updated to "Finding" and "Highlight Reels" are now simply "Reels"

Once you've enjoyed all those great user encounters and captured all that valuable participant experience, it's time to synthesize the recordings into a more workable format. You've gone ahead and selected the insights you want to spotlight by creating Findings. Now, with Reels, you can weave those findings into something that supports the case you're building, one single, viewable clip to embed in a presentation or share with stakeholders.

This article explains the basics of how to create a Reel, get your findings into it, and how to shape and share your Reel.

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Step 1: Create your Findings to add to the Reel

If you don't already have Findings created from your research, please see this help article to learn how to create Findings.

πŸš€ If you've made a time-stamped Note that you later want to turn into a Finding, that's super easy: just click the light bulb (πŸ’‘) icon in that note – done!

πŸš€ Edit/tweak Findings before you move them into the Reel. Once the Finding is in the Reel, the only editing possible is to crop it further by creating a new Finding.

Step 2: Create a Reel / move Findings into a Reel

  1. Go to the relevant Project

  2. Click on the Findings tab on the left

  3. Scroll down and select all the Findings you want to add to a Reel by checking the box next to the finding. This will bring up a selection of options:


  4. Select from the options:

    1. Create reel: If you'd like to create a new Reel of Findings, click this option and give your Reel a name, Description (optional) and then click Create reel. All selected findings will be added to the new Reel which can be found in the Reels tab on the left.

    2. + Add to reel: If you already have an existing Reel, click this option & select the existing Reel you'd like to add the selected Findings to.

    3. Remove: This will convert the Finding back to a Note in the session and hide it from the Findings page. It can always be converted back to a finding later if needed.

Step 3: Reorder & Play the Reel

Changing the Order of Findings in a Reel

Once you've moved the Findings into the Reel you may want to rearrange the order – here's how:

  1. Click into the project where the Reel is located

  2. Click on the Reel tab on the left

  3. Find the Reel you wish to rearrange and click the Edit button on the right

  4. Click the Reorder button at the top left

  5. Click & hold on the four (4) dots to the left of the Finding and move it into the desired location.

  6. When you've finished rearranging the Findings into the desired order for playback, click the Reorder button again at the top left to save your changes


To playback the Reel in the Lookback Player, simply click the Play button for that Reel. The individual Findings will appear on the player timeline.

Step 4: Sharing the Reel

You have a few options for sharing a Reel with your stakeholders

  1. Download the Reel: To download a Reel, simply click the Download button for that Reel and the Reel will automatically download a single video file (M4V) that will play all the Findings within your Reel in sequence. (Please note: downloading of Reels is not possible on our legacy Starter or Trial plans).

  2. Sharing the Reel with Team Members: You can copy the link of the Reel by clicking the Link icon ( πŸ”— ) to share with other team-members (anyone who has a login to your Lookback organisation).

  3. Sharing the Reel with External Stakeholders: ​If you need to share the Reel with external stakeholders who do not have a login to your Lookback organisation, you can create a Public Link to the Reel just like you would for an individual session/recording.

❗ Don't delete the original session(s)! Findings are really just a shortcut to a snippet in the original recording, so if you delete the original session (in a cleaning-up spirit) the Findings from that session would all be deleted too.

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