If you visit your Lookback dashboard, scan Lookback’s website or reach out to Lookback support you will sooner or later come across the term “session”. This article is an attempt to clarify what we mean when we refer to this term.

The session lies at the core of Lookback’s service. In short, a session is the occasion when the test/research session is taking place, whether a moderated or an unmoderated session, or whether remote or in real life.

Lookback is above all a research platform, so being able to replay a session and review the events and activities from the session is of course core functionality – all captured activities during session activities constitute a part of the session, including the screen, audio and video from the participant’s device, as well as touch highlights, if available. Time stamped notes and chat messages from all team members are also included, as well as any parts of the session extracted into a highlight retroactively.

In summary:

  • A session is the occasion when a test/research session is taking place, whether unmoderated or moderated, whether remote or in person, from start to finish. This session and its events/activities are simultaneously captured to enable the research team’s review and following research process.

  • In relation to our limit-based plans you can think of a session as the occasion in realtime + its recorded output.

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