What happens when the trial runs out?
After 14 days your trial will become inactive. If you would like to continue to use Lookback or access sessions completed during the trial, you will need to pick from one of our plans, see lookback.io/pricing

What is the difference between collaborators and observers?
Great question, this article goes into detail.

What do users/ participants need to do to participate in the test?
Your users (participants) will need to download an iOS or Android app for mobile testing. They will need to download a Chrome extension for desktop testing. More information is available here.

Can I send the same link to each participant within the same Round or do I need to generate different links for each participant?
Yes, you will send the same link to all participants that are carrying out a specific type of test (what we call a Round). A unique interview room is created for each participant who clicks on the link, so you never have to worry about one participant interfering with a different session. The result will be multiple but separate sessions (recordings) within a Round that originated from the same participant link. They will automatically sort by the participants name and the time/date of the session. More info here.

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