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Trialing Lookback? Here are some FAQ
Trialing Lookback? Here are some FAQ

For new trials or teams using Lookback for the first time

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What is a trial at Lookback?

Trialing Lookback means you can conduct 5 sessions and as many preview sessions as you like within 60 days. If you've exhausted your 5 sessions before the 60 days are over, you will still have access to review and edit recordings until your 60 day period concludes. Your trial will conclude at the end of the 60 days, even if you still have some of your trial sessions remaining.

You can check your session status at the bottom left corner of your Lookback dashboard:

How do I sign up for a Free Trial?

What happens when the trial runs out?

After 60 days, your trial becomes inactive. If you would like to continue to use Lookback or access sessions completed during the trial, you will need to sign up for a paid plan (

Do team members in a Lookback organization have different roles or capabilities?

All team members in a Lookback organization can create projects, rounds or be either a moderator or an observer in LiveShare sessions, but only the owner of the org can manage anything billing or settings that impacts the whole Lookback organization. There are no other distinctions between team members as it is Lookback's ambition to make the platform as flexible and collaborative an experience as possible.

What do participants (testers) need to join a Lookback session?

  • For mobile testing: download Lookback's app Participate, for iOS or Android.

  • For desktop testing: add Lookback's extension Participate to a Chrome or Edge browser. If you're using the extension-free beta (enabled by default) no extension is required.

  • a strong wifi connection (at least 5Mbps upload and download)

  • close other audio/video sharing tools for the duration of the Lookback session
    More information is available here.

Can I send the same link to each participant?

Yes! The participant link is associated with a Round of testing, so you send the same link to all participants that are carrying out a determined test. This link creates a unique interview room for each participant who clicks the link and go through the set-up flow with the moderator. You'll never have to worry about one participant interfering with another. Each session generated with this link will sort under the project and round it the participant link belongs to, by the participant's name as well as the time/date of the session.

Are there any limitations to what you can do on a trial compared to a paid subscription?

Yes โ€“ you can't download/export any session recordings or notes from the dashboard. Apart from that the trial is a full-fledged experience of what you get when on a paid subscription plan! When you upgrade a Trial org to a paid subscription though, the sessions conducted during trial will carry over and be downloadable on the paid subscription.

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