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About Lookback

Your one-page resource on how to use Lookback with your team

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Lookback is built for research. It’s a powerful, on-the-go research tool that you can use to streamline your remote moderated and unmoderated research, as well as in-person sessions inhouse. Test with users anywhere in the world, invite team members to observe from anywhere in the world as well. The tool is both mobile and desktop supported and houses your mixed method research all in one place.

Conduct Research

• Usability Testing

Share Content

• Timestamped notes


Collaborate with Team

• “Behind the glass”

live observation
• Observer chat

• @mentioning your team during a live session or post

Key Resources

  • Lookback shorts – short demo clips that walk you through the Lookback platform, step-by-step, from trial through analysis

  • Full-length Demo - watch our CEO, Henrik, in a pre-recorded, full-length demo of the platform.

  • Trialing with Lookback – get familiar with all the ins and outs of the platform during your free 60-day trial in this article.

  • Templated Invite Emails – whether aimed at iOS, Android or Desktop participants, these invitation templates give you a good starting point when outlining your pre-session communication — just enter your details, and the rest is mostly covered.

  • Participant Guides – additional tips on how to prepare for a session, ensure the best connection as well as troubleshooting

  • Observer Guide – an overview for anyone observing live sessions

  • Help center that houses all of our self-serve content

  • Blog – feature releases, best practices and adventures in UXR


  • Recruitment. We do not have our own panels, but you are free to use any recruitment resources of your choice. Read about how recruitment works with Lookback, as well as recruitment tools we recommend.

  • Interactions recorded (taps/clicks and gestures) – Yes, screen gestures are captured (taps/gestures) in Lookback's app Participate on iOS/Android and (clicks/gestures) via the Participate Chrome extension for desktop participants.

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