Transcribing a session

Transcriptions make post-session analysis easier and faster! Once your session has been completed:

  • Just click into the relevant session.

  • Click the 'Transcribe' icon (similar to an audio wave) on the top right corner.

  • Select a language.

  • Check ✅ 'Email me when it's complete', if necessary.

  • Then click 'Transcribe'. Please note: transcriptions are not currently available on any sessions that were recorded prior to December 2020 or on any Preview Sessions.

Once transcription is complete, you'll notice transcriptions (with timestamps) fall into place in your Session Feed. And, if you chose to be notified, you'll also receive an email informing that transcription is complete.

🚀 Pro Tip! Just click the timestamp beside the transcription to automatically move the playhead to that point in the recording!

Editing Transcriptions

Lookback utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services) for our transcriptions and while it works very well, sometimes it doesn't quite get everything right. If you find that a transcription wasn't accurate, you can edit it by clicking on the 3 dots, selecting "edit" and then change it as needed


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