To get your research underway, you first need to create a 'Project' and a 'Round.'

  • 'Project' represents your higher level research theme.
  • 'Round' focuses on the details of your test plan - the method of testing, the devices your testing on and the actual tasks itself.
  • 'Rounds' live within a 'Project' and allow you to carry out multiple "Rounds of research" within the same 'Project'.

Create a Project

  • Log on to Lookback on your Desktop/Laptop on a Google Chrome Browser.
  • Click New Project on the top right corner.
  • Name your project and add a description, if you like.
  • If you're on a Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan you can also choose to make your project 'Private' and add specific 'project members' who can access your project. 
  • Remember 'project members' should have already been added to your 'Members Page' earlier.

That's it.

Create a Round — or multiple Rounds — within your Project

  • Start off a 'Round' by choosing if you'd like it to be either moderated or unmoderated.

Moderated or Unmoderated?

LiveShare is a moderated test that could be remote or in-person
SelfTest is an unmoderated test that the participant carries out at a time of their choice.

The nitty gritty 

  • First click the pencil icon ✏️and name or describe your round at the very top of the page. 
  • Then go ahead and add the granular details.

Device Requirements 

- Choose which devices you'll be testing on. Desktop, iOS or Android?
- If you're testing on iOS, you can also decide to 'hide browser controls'

Welcome Message for Participant 

- Shown before the participant starts the session 

- You can describe the context of the test and add links to external consent forms too

Landing Page for Participant 

- Shown when the session starts

- Add the url of the a website or prototype you're testing

- Leave blank if you're testing an App, a prototype viewed in an App  or anything else

Instructions for Participant 

- Shown when the session starts

- Provide tasks for your participant to carry out, and add links to external questionnaires, or other web-based content

Final Message for Participant 

- Shown after the participant ends the session

- Say thank you and add links to external (post-test) surveys

  • Remember to Save the details of your Round!

Now you're ready to start testing.



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