To get your research underway, you first need to create a project.

Click on "Projects" on the left-hand menu and then click on the "+ New project" button.

Selecting devices for the project

As default, a project supports any device type: desktop, iOS, or Android. In this view, you can chose to only allow certain devices for your participants when they're doing testing.


  • In person via our desktop app (works with: websites, apps, and prototypes)
  • Remotely with anyone who has Chrome using Live and Self-Test (works with: websites, apps, and prototypes. Even though the participant needs Chrome, their entire screen will be captured, not just the browser window)


  • Remote or In-person testing using Lookback's iOS Participate app. Record, stream and test everything across iOS: websites, apps, and prototypes, the homescreen etc. For the newest iOS release details, see here.


Remotely using our Android Participate app (works with: websites, apps, and prototypes)

Naming your project

Next, add a name for your project. Only you and your team will see your project name, participants will not see this.

Click Create to create your project!

Using a prototyping tool? Read this help article to better understand prototype setup.

Set a landing page

In the next and final step, you'll have the option to set a landing page for this project. You can set it to any website or prototype URL you'd like. The participants will be redirected to this address upon starting the test.

Project Permissions

If you have a Pro or Enterprise plan you can also choose to make this project private so no one in your organization can see the project unless you've specifically added them to the project.

iOS Only: Choosing Between Website/Prototype and App

When creating a project for an iOS test there's one additional step you must complete after naming your project. 

If you're testing an iOS app, and require screen touch and camera, select Add new app and add in the app name. This will automatically generate a URL Prefix which your developer will need when installing the Lookback SDK

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