A private project is a project that only team members who have been specifically invited / added to that project can access. This article aims to tell you what you need to know about private projects.

  • Private projects are available to customers with an active Team, Insights hub or Enterprise plan, as well as the legacy plan Pro.

  • to be able to give access to Private projects, you have to first add them as team members. To add team members, click the drop-down menu (top right on your dashboard) ➡ Members.

  • Private projects show up with a lock symbol (again, only if you're one of the team members who have access to that particular project) in the Projects view on your dashboard, which is also your first view after logging in to Lookback.

Here's how you make a project 'Private',
when you Create a Project:

  1. Go to your dashboard, Click New Project on the top right corner.

  2. Name your project and add a description, if you like.

  3. Click 'Private' and add the 'project members' you want to be able to access your project. 

    Please note: if your Lookback organization is on an Enterprise plan or our legacy Pro plan, team members with collaborator licenses as well as team members with observer licenses need to be added to have access to Private projects, even if they only intend to observe a session in the project.

❗️ Project members must already have been added as Team members in your Lookback organization (via your Members Page), as described above.

Here's how you make an already existing project "Private"?

  1. Click 'Project Settings' (the Cog wheel icon to the right in a project)

  2. Click 'Make private'.

Enterprise Plan users can set their projects to "Private" by default

Your Lookback Owner can navigate to Settings to enable this feature.

  1. Click the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page

  2. Click 'Settings'

  3. Scroll to 'Default to private projects'

Important notes with respect to privacy

  • In Lookback, when you create a project, it will be public by default. This means that when you add/invite new Lookback members, to enable them to observe (view) research sessions, they automatically have access to all projects and sessions in your Lookback organization, unless they have been set to 'Private'.

  • So, if you want your members to be able to access only a specific project and no other project, you would have to make all your projects 'Private Projects' and make sure the specific member has been added to the required private project as well. This is especially recommended when if your company/organization work with external stakeholders (such as clients) and want to control who sees what.

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