Available to customers with a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Project permissions let you make certain projects visible only to the collaborators and observers that you choose. They need to be members of your organization before you can add them to a private project.

Private projects show up with a lock symbol in the dashboard, but only to those that have access.

You can choose to make a Project "Private", when you Create a Project:

  • After naming your project, click "Manage permissions and users"
  • In the window that pops up, toggle the switch to "Private" 
  • Specify observers and collaboartors who can acess the project
  • Click "Done"

You can also click into "Project settinngs" to make an existing project "Private".

Please Note:
When you generally invite observers, they can see all your projects. If you'd like your observer(s) to see just specific project(s) and no other project, you will have to make all your projects  'Private Projects'.  Then make sure the specific observer has also been added to the relevant "Private Project" as well.

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