Unmoderated testing with Lookback: SelfTest

How to set up an unmoderated SelfTest round of research in Lookback

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A SelfTest is an unmoderated test that the participant carries out at a time of their choice. 

You can invite participants to carry out a SelfTest at their convenience by sending them the SelfTest Participant Link.

Create a SelfTest Round within a Project 

Invite Participants

  1. Click into the relevant project

  2. Click the Participant Link button for the relevant SelfTest Round.

  3. Click the Copy link button to copy the Participant Link and share it with your Participants via email

On the Participant's Side

When a participant clicks on the SelfTest Participant Link, they may be prompted to install our Participate app (for mobile) or the Chrome extension if you're not using the extension free beta. This collection of help articles will walk them through the steps they need to get up and running!

Find your completed SelfTest Sessions

  • Once a participant completes a SelfTest, you'll find a recording of the session, under the relevant Round

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