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Inviting Participants to a Remote, Moderated Session
Inviting Participants to a Remote, Moderated Session

How to invite Participants to a LiveShare or Interview round of research

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Now that you're ready to conduct research on your project, it's time to invite some Participants to your research study.
With Lookback's single Participant Link setup, even if you have multiple participants for the same study, you only need to generate and use one link. Even if all of your participants were to click on the link at the same time, they will each start their own session. In other words, each participant will get the same link so there's no need to keep track of which participant used which link and you never need to worry about participants ending up in the same session together.

Let us walk you through it!

  1. Create a new LiveShare or Interview Round within a Project (if you already have the round created, skip to step 2).

  2. If you've just created a new round, you can click on Next at the top right, and you'll be taken to the Participant Link. If this was an existing round and you're inviting more participants, find the round in your project and click on the Participant Link button beside the relevant Round.

  3. Copy the Participant Link and send it to your participants. We have some example e-mail templates for inviting participants that can be good to use as a starting point.

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