UXR is a very diverse field, and different research teams have different research needs. Below you'll find detailed explanations of the main differentiating factors to consider when deciding which Lookback subscription plan is the best fit for you:

  • the number of sessions included

  • team member capability

  • available features

  • support

  • price and what it's based on

Number of sessions included

Freelance (self-serve plans)

  • < 10 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

  • < 20 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

  • < 40 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

Team (self-serve plans)

  • < 100 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

  • < 150 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

Insights Hub (self-serve plans)

  • < 300 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

  • < 500 sessions during the annual billing cycle.

The Enterprise plan

  • Unlimited sessions.

📌 For the self-serve plans, when the subscription auto-renews, the session quota resets. In other words, unused sessions during a billing period don't carry over to the following period.

Team member capability – full or limited?

Freelance (self-serve plans)

  • On the Freelance plan there is only one team member, so, naturally, that team member is the owner/collaborator, with full capability and managing rights. The only way a customer on a Freelance plan can share research is via our product Public link or by downloading/sharing session recordings directly.

Team and Insights Hub (self-serve plans)

  • All team members subscribing to Team or Insights Hub have full capabilities, which means they can set up projects, public or private, moderate sessions, observe sessions, invite other team members, take notes, create highlights and watch other team members' sessions retroactively and more.

  • The Owner is, in addition to the above capabilities, the only one who can manage billing and the Lookback organization, which is the overarching organisational level.

The Enterprise Plan

  • Observer is a limited capability role that's only available on the Enterprise plan. An observer seat enables watching sessions, taking notes, chatting and creating highlights (not to be confused with full capability team members who choose to observe a session). Observer seats are free and unlimited on the Enterprise plan.

  • Collaborators have full capabilities, i.e. everything observers can do, but also the ability to set up projects, moderate sessions, invite new team members and download session recordings. Collaborator seats are paid seats – the standard Enterprise plan includes 5 collaborator seats. The only thing the Collaborator can't do is to manage the subscription and billing, which is an owner only capability.

  • The Owner has Collaborator capabilities, and is additionally the only team member with the capability to manage organization level settings (SSO, end subscription, delete the Lookback organization etc) and Billing.

  • Just like for the self-serve plans, the total number of team members is unlimited, but, given that Enterprise is a license-based subscription, you can only have as many collaborators (full capability team members) as you have paid licenses for, at any given time. The other team members will be observers (limited capability team members). You can freely dispense the Collaborator licenses between all team members, as long as you don't exceed the total number of paid licenses.

Downloading, Private Projects and Transcriptions

Freelance, Team, Insights Hub (Self-Serve Plans) and Enterprise

Support & support response times

Freelance, Team & Insights Hub (Self-Serve Plans)

  • Freelance: Chat Support with 24-hour response time

  • Team: Chat Support with 24-hour response time

  • Insights Hub: Chat Support with 5-hour response time

Enterprise Plan

  • Priority Chat Support with 2-hour response time

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Onboarding training & professional services

  • Early access to new features

Single Sign On (SSO/SAML)?

Freelance, Team & Insights Hub (Self-Serve Plans)

  • Single Sign-On (SSO/SAML) is not available on the Team or Insights Hub Plans

Enterprise Plan

  • Single Sign-On (SSO/SAML) is available for all members on the Enterprise plan

Who pays, when and how?

  • All subscription plans are paid annually and upfront.

  • When the billing cycle expires, the subscription will auto-renew, using the registered payment method.

  • If you don't want it to auto-renew, the subscription manager (owner) needs to cancel the subscription before the billing cycle expiry. The billing e-mail on file will receive a reminder prior to auto-renewal.

  • You can cancel at any time prior to the billing cycle end date, and still retain full access until that end date. Canceling a subscription effectively just stops it from auto-renewing.

Freelance (Self-Serve Plans)

  • The only team member is of course the subscription and billing manager.

Team & Insights Hub (Self-Serve Plans)

  • Only the registered owner of the Lookback org can manage subscriptions and billing – sign into Lookback, go to the Pricing page and pay with a credit/debit card.

  • A billing receipt will be sent to your registered billing e-mail once the payment has been processed.

Enterprise Plan

  • Invoices are sent in advance to the owner of the Lookback organization.

  • The Enterprise plan also gives you the option to pay via Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer / ACH / Accounts Payable.

What is the price based on?

Freelance, Team & Insights Hub (self-serve plans)

  • You pay for usage (the amount of research you do) which means you have a maximum number of sessions during your billing period, during which you have full access to all your data, of course. The general limitation for our self-serve plans is the number of sessions included. An additional limitation on our Freelance plan is that it only allows for one team member, whereas on Team & Insights Hub, the number of full capability team members is unlimited.

The Enterprise plan

  • You pay for licenses (=how many team members in your Lookback organization that have full capabilities). We call this plan type license-based or seat-based, since you pay for each full capability team member (5 included in the standard Enterprise offer). So, the limitation is the number of team members that have full capabilities, whereas the number of sessions included is unlimited.


Freelance (Self-Serve Plans)

  • Freelance 10 sessions: $299 USD / year (annually billed) ≈$25 USD/month

  • Freelance 20 sessions: $597 USD / year (annually billed) ≈$50 USD/month

  • Freelance 40 sessions: $1,187 USD / year (annually billed) ≈$99 USD/month

Team & Insights Hub (Self-Serve Plans)

  • Team 100 sessions: $1,782 USD/year (annually billed) ≈$149 USD/month

  • Team 150 sessions: $2,682 USD/year (annually billed) ≈224 USD/month

  • Insights Hub 300 sessions: $4,122 USD/year (annually billed) ≈344 USD/month

  • Insights Hub 500 sessions: $6,876 USD/year (annually billed) ≈573 USD/month

Enterprise Plan

  • Starts at $15,000 USD/year (annual billing cycle)

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