✅ Downloading session recordings is possible for:

  • anyone with a Freelancer plan

  • all team members on the Team plan and Insights Hub plan

  • team members with Collaborator licenses on the Enterprise plan and Pro Plan (legacy)

✅ Downloading session recordings is NOT possible for:

  • any team members on a Trial

  • any team members on the Starter plan (legacy)

  • team members with Observer licenses on the Pro plan (legacy) or Enterprise Plan

How to export a session:

Please note: This process is the same for all sessions types, Moderated (LiveShare and Interview) and Unmoderated (Task and SelfTest)

  1. Go to the relevant Project.

  2. Click into the session (playback view).

  3. Click the 'Export' icon, on the top right corner.

4. Click on the option you'd like to download from the below options to start the download process (note: you may need to scroll further down to see them)

  • Screen Video: recording of the Participant's device screen

  • Camera Video: recording of the Participant's face and audio

  • Screen and Camera (Combined) Video: all of the above in one file

All Exports include audio and are saved as .m4v  files. 

How to export a Highlight:

  1. Create your Highlight.

  2. Click the ellipsis on the Highlight in the session feed, and choose 'Show on Dashboard'.

  3. Go to your dashboard, click the Highlight you just created.

  4. Export from this view.

Can I download more than one video at a time?

Unfortunately, bulk downloads or the ability to download more than one video at a time is not a feature yet. We have it on our roadmap so stay tuned

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