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FAQs - Projects

Can I edit Project Settings?

  • Yes. Just click into the 'Project'. Click the cog icon to edit your project's settings.

Can I delete a Project?

  • Yes, you can delete a Project in 'Project settings'. But beware, deleting a project will delete all the 'Rounds' and sessions within the project.

FAQs - Rounds

What is a Round?

  • The organizational structure on Lookback's platform is:

    Lookback organization ➡️ Project ➡️ Round ➡️ Session

    So a Round is the iterative, organizational layer. All sessions with participants generated from the same participant link will be listed in the Round associated with that link. Let's say you're doing a project where you test three different scenarios within a project, you would typically create three rounds which means you'll have three different participant links. Perhaps you want to separate certain participant based on demographics or something else, just create additional rounds according to your needs. The conditions/messaging/instructions of a test is set in Rounds settings.

Does each Round have its own Participant link and Observer Lobby link?

  • Participant links and Observer Lobby links are unique for each Round within Lookback

  • Unmoderated Rounds ('SelfTest Round' and 'Task for Desktop') will have:

    • A Participant Link

    • An Observer Lobby link

  • Moderated Rounds ('LiveShare Rounds' and 'Interview') will have:

    • A Participant Link

    • An Observer Lobby link

    • A Start In-Person link & QR Code

  • A unique interview room is created for each participant clicking on a Participant link, so you never have to worry about participants interfering with one another. In other words, once participant link used by multiple creates a separate session for each participant and they'll all end up in the same Round

Can I edit the settings of a Round?

  • Yes, clicking Edit beside the relevant round will take you to the Rounds set-up. Remember to click 'Save' after making changes.

Can I delete a session within a Round?

  • Yes. Sessions can be deleted individually from a Round

  • If you're in the project dashboard, check the box next to the session(s) you wish to delete > click the "kebab" menu (3 vertical dots) > click Delete > confirm deletion

  • If you're in the Player watching a session, you can delete it by clicking the ' i ' (information icon) on the top right corner > Delete session > confirm deletion

🚨 Caution! Any highlights associated with the session will also be deleted when you delete a session.

Can I delete a Round?

  • Yes. To delete a Round, click into the 'Project'. Click the 'Ellipsis' icon (three dots) beside the relevant 'Round' and select 'Delete'.

🚨 Caution! Deleting a Round will delete all the recordings within the Round.

Can I duplicate/clone a Round?

  • Yes, to duplicate a Round, click the relevant 'Project ', click the Ellipsis (three dots icon) beside the relevant 'Round', select 'Duplicate Round' and reconfirm.

  • Duplicating a Round will only duplicate the 'Round Settings'. It will not duplicate the sessions within the original Round.

FAQs - Sessions

What is a session?

  • This help article goes into more detail, but essentially a session is defined as 1 recording with 1 participant

Can I download session recordings, highlights, or notes?

If I'm on a session-based plan (Freelance, Team, or Insights Hub), will any unused sessions carry over to the next year?

  • No, session counts reset will reset on your renewal date. We do not have plans to allow for session roll over at this time.

How can I purchase more sessions?

  • We don't currently have a way to only purchase additional sessions, but if you need more sessions, you can always upgrade to a larger plan with more sessions. You'll be credited for what you've already paid & you'll only be required to pay a portion of the difference between the two plans. The exact amount of that difference will be determined at checkout by how much time is left on your subscription. Note: If you're already on our largest self-serve plan (Insights Hub 500) and need more sessions but you're not ready to move up to an Enterprise plan, please reach out to our support team via chat (bubble in the lower-right corner) or email and we'll see what we can do!

Have a question you don't see answered here? Please reach out to our support team via chat (bubble in the lower-right corner) or email and we'll be happy to help!

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