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What is included in the Enterprise Plan?

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Are you wondering if an Enterprise plan is right for your organization? Let's understand your needs:

Does your team need unlimited research per year?

If YES, an Enterprise plan is a good match ✅

If NO, your team does ad-hoc or project based research, you might be better suited with one of our self-serve plans available here.

Is the Observer role critical to the way your team does research?

If YES, you want members of your team or research stakeholders to have observe only access, then Enterprise can be a good match ✅

If NO, everyone can have Collaborator access, including the ability to create projects and more, we might recommend one of our self-serve plans available here.

Our Enterprise plan:

The Observer role is an enterprise-only role that is unavailable on the Freelance, Team, or Insights Hub plans.

Here is what is included in our Enterprise Lite offering:

Plan Components

Enterprise Lite

Unlimited Projects


Unlimited Sessions (recordings)


Unlimited Observers


Early access to new features


Customer Success Manager


Enterprise priority support


Onboarding & professional services


Single sign-on (SSO/ SAML)


Custom invoicing


  • On Enterprise Lite we do not accept redlines or revisions to our service agreement and cannot engage in any negotiations.


  • On Enterprise Lite we can quickly onboard customers by providing documentation to help your company self assess whether our security practices meet your standards. We cannot fill out security reviews, forms, questionnaires or assessments.

If you would like to learn more about our Enterprise plans and pricing, please use the button below schedule a chat with someone from our team!

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