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How do I upgrade my plan?

How the Owner of an Organization can upgrade their plan.

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If you...

  • are on a legacy plan (Starter or Pro) and want to upgrade to one of our new pricing plans

  • or are on a Trial and ready to sign up for a paid plan

  • or have outgrown your original plan & want to upgrade to a plan with more sessions...

the Owner (aka admin) of your Lookback organisation can upgrade your subscription at any time.

Upgrading your subscription in Lookback

  1. Click the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page

  2. Click Billing

  3. If you are currently on a trial, click View Pricing Plans and skip to step 5. If you are on an existing plan and looking to upgrade to a larger subscription, click Manage Subscription

  4. Click Update plan

  5. Select your new plan from one of the following options. If you're not sure which plan is best (especially if you're upgrading from a Trial to a paid subscription), please see this help article for guidance:

    • Our Freelance plans include either 10, 20, or 40 sessions to be used anytime during the year. Note: Freelance plans only allow for one (1) user account per organization.

    • Our Team plans include 100 or 150 sessions

    • Our Insights Hub plans include 300 or 500 sessions that can be used anytime during the year.

  6. Once your new plan is selected, click Continue

  7. Re-check the amount due and the payment method (If you're upgrading to a larger plan, the remaining days in your current Billing Cycle will be taken into consideration and you'll only be charged the pro-rated amount)

  8. Finally, if everything looks good, click on Confirm to upgrade

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