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Now in Beta: No Extension Required for Desktop Sessions
Now in Beta: No Extension Required for Desktop Sessions

Introducing a nothing-to-install experience for your laptop & desktop participants – now in beta for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, & Brave

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What is the Extension-free Beta for Desktop?

We know that installing a browser extension can be a serious hurdle for your participants, so Lookback has been hard at work on a way for them to join moderated and unmoderated sessions in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browsers just by following a link – nothing for them to download or install!

Which Round types are supported?

In-person moderated sessions are not yet supported; you'll need the Participate Chrome Extension to conduct in-person sessions on desktop.

For a face-to-face remote conversation with optional screensharing, our web-based Interview Round is still your best bet.

How to join a session

The experience is the same for Windows and Mac computers.

Which computers and browsers are supported?

Please see our help article on compatibility for a list of supported operating systems and browsers.

How can I try it?

How to enable Extension-free Beta for Desktop in the Round editor.

All new rounds will have the beta on by default. No need to do anything!

To enable the Extension-free Beta for existing rounds, please do the following:

  1. Tick the Extension-free Beta option under Device requirements in the Round editor

  2. Save the Round

  3. Share the participant link as you normally would

That’s it! After opening the participant link in Chrome, Edge, or Brave, your participants will go through an easy onboarding to quickly join a moderated or unmoderated session.

We recommend using a Preview session to understand the participant experience.

How do I disable the Extension-free Beta?

You can enable or disable the setting at any time, without having to regenerate or re-send the participant link. Any links you’ve already shared with your participants will automatically open the desired experience as soon as you save the Round.



1. Screen sharing

2. Microphone or camera not working

How can Lookback make it better?

We're eager to hear about your participants’ experience to help us iterate to the best possible experience for you and your participants. Start a conversation with us using the chat bubble on the right to share your feedback 🤓

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