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Why isn't the site I'm trying to test working as expected on mobile devices?
Why isn't the site I'm trying to test working as expected on mobile devices?
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If you are testing a website or web-based prototype on a mobile or tablet device using our Participate app, you may sometimes notice some elements don't load properly, don't work when tapped on, etc. Some examples of this could be using a Captcha/ReCaptcha verification on a page or part of the flow that involves uploading files to the site.

This behavior is likely due to limitations in our in-app browsers. While they are built off the respective platforms' (Android and iOS) webkits and native browsers, both Google and Android do impose some restrictions. As a result, our in-app browsers can do most of what the native browsers (Chrome and Safari) can do, but there is not 100% compatibility.
We highly recommend testing your setup before sharing it with live participants. For those on a Trial or session-based plan (Freelance, Team, or Insights Hub), you can use our Preview Links & Sessions to test without using up any of your full sessions.

If during testing you notice that certain elements of your test aren't working but you've confirmed they do work in Chrome or Safari, there are a couple of options.

Option 1: Restrict testing to desktop only

If you don't necessarily need to have your participants test on mobile devices, you can restrict the round so that they must use a desktop device. This can be changed from the Device Requirements section of the Round editor on the lefthand side

Option 2: Have them use their device's native browser to test your website

  1. Instead of placing the link for your site in the Landing Page or Auto-open URL fields, place the link in the Instructions section of the round setup.

  2. Along with the link, explain to the participant that they need to copy the link and paste it into their device's native browser (Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android)

  3. When they switch over to their browser, we'll still be able to record everything on their screen, so long as our Participate app is still running in the background

  4. If they're doing an unmoderated test, be sure to tell them to return back to the Participate app when they're ready to continue

Finally, while we can continue recording their screen and audio when away from our app, due to Apple and Google's privacy and security restrictions, you will lose screen touches/taps & gestures on both Android and iOS and on iOS, you'll also lose camera until they return to the app.

If you still have a question or concern about testing your site with Lookback that isn't covered here, please reach out to our support team using the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner.

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