This help article will help you get started with Tasks, what devices participants can use with it, what characterises Tasks and how to set up a Tasks round of research.

How does the Tasks for Desktop differ from from SelfTest?

Tasks for Desktop allows you to describe the Scenario for your unmoderated session in more detail and set the mood and intent for your unmoderated session, thereby guiding your participant toward the desired mindset.

You can also itemize your tasks one-by-one for Participants to complete sequentially.

What's more, you can specify a different auto-open URL (website, prototype, survey etc) for each task too.

The result is a much more seamless experience for the Participant and effortless transitions from one task to the next.

When to use Tasks for Desktop

Choose 'Tasks for Desktop' for Unmoderated Desktop sessions, that:

  • have 5-8 questions/tasks that require sequenced focus

  • include multiple URLs (websites, prototypes, surveys)

  • have distinct questions that require a simple response

  • encourage 'speak aloud' perspectives e.g. preference testing

  • Diary studies

How to create a Tasks for Desktop Round

  • Click New Round in your existing Project or start afresh with a New Project

  • Then choose Tasks

Round Description

  • Click the pencil icon ✏️ and name or describe your Round on the top-left corner. This is just for your and your team – your Participants will not see this description.

Welcome Message for Participants

➡︎ Shown to Participants:

- before Participants start the session

➡︎ Allows you to:

- explain the context of the session, add links to external consent forms

Scenario for Participants (optional)

➡︎ Shown to Participants:

- after she/he grants permission to start recording the session

➡︎ Allows you to:

- set the the stage for Participants before he/she starts testing

- add an auto-open URL and direct Participants to a website or prototype. (Scenario URL is optional though, some step-by-step tests may not have a need for this.)

Tasks for Participants

➡︎ Shown to Participants sequentially:

- after Participants read the Scenario and click Begin

➡︎ Allows you to:

- provide many sequential Tasks for Participants to carry out – one at a time.

- add different auto-open URLs so Participants automatically sees a different website, prototype or survey for each Task.

Final Message for Participants

➡︎ Shown to Participants:

- after Participants complete the Tasks.

➡︎ Allows you to:

- thank Participants for their time and/or add links to an external (post-session) survey.

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  • All set! Remember to click Save on the top-right corner!

  • As always, go back to your Project and click the Invite to Unmoderated button beside this Tasks for Desktop Round to copy the Participant Link.

The Participant's Perspective: Tasks for Desktop

Once your Participant completes a session

Once the session has been completed, you will find the recording in the relevant Round in your Project, as usual.

When you're in Playback mode, you will be able to clearly see when your Participant transitions from one Task to the next on your timeline, to help with faster synthesis.

You can also increase playback speed, take time-stamped notes, @mention team members in your notes and create highlights as usual.

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