A SelfTest is an unmoderated test that the participant carries out at a time of their choice. 

You can invite participants to carry out a SelfTest at their convenience by sending them the SelfTest Participant Link.

Create a SelfTest Round within a Project 

Invite Participants

  • Click into the relevant 'Project.'

  • Click on the 'Invite to Unmoderated' button beside the relevant SelfTest Round.

  • Copy the Participant link and share it with Participants via an email.

On the Participant's Side

When a participant clicks on the SelfTest Participant Link, they will be prompted to download the Lookback Participate App or Chrome extension.

After the app/extension is installed, when the participant clicks the link again, they will be taken through quick setup steps on the app/extension to grant permission to record their screen, camera and audio and start testing.

Find your completed SelfTest Sessions

  • Once a participant completes a SelfTest, you'll find a recording of the session, under the relevant 'Round.


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