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If you're using Figma for prototyping, there are two ways to make sure your prototype scales correctly to your participant’s device or browser window.

Building your prototype

In prototyping mode, you can select a device or set a Custom Size to fit a window. Alternately, you can select Presentation to fill a window:

Gif demonstrating how to fit or fill a screen in Prototype mode

Viewing your prototype

While viewing the prototype, you have 3 scaling options:

  1. 100% (potentially cutting off part of your design)

  2. Fit (scale down to fit any screen)

  3. Fill (scale down or up to fit any screen)

You can find those controls by hovering in the upper-right-hand of the prototype screen:

Gif demonstrating how to scale a prototype in Prototype viewing mode

Figma prototypes can be very resource intensive meaning the prototype may have trouble running on older devices or ones with lower specifications, even without using Lookback. We strongly recommend testing the settings yourself or with a colleague, to make sure your prototype works as expected with our Participate apps. For plans that are session-limited (Trial, Freelance, Team, Insights Hub), you can use our Preview Links to test without using up any of your live/full sessions.

If you run into issues while testing your prototype, we'd recommend testing it on the device's native browser (iOS - Safari; Android - Chrome) without our Participate app running. If you still have questions or run into issues, please reach out to our support team via the chat bubble to the right or emailing

You can find more tips at Figma's Help Center:


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