Having colleagues or stakeholders observe a Remote LiveShare is a great way for them to hear user feedback and understand their experience of your product, first hand! Or just invite a colleague to take notes during your session, while you moderate.

You can do all of this by inviting them to your Lookback organization as a member.

If a team member watches a LiveShare session, it's a behind-the-glass experience – the Participant will not know you're there, unless the moderator communicates it to them.

Lookback members can silently watch LiveShare sessions (remote), In-Person sessions (moderator & participant are in the same room). But they can also collaborate actively, by chatting with the moderator and others who are watching during the session, as well as add time-stamped notes. Any member of your Lookback organization can also add such notes when watching the session recording afterwards.

Here's how invite someone in your Lookback organization to join a remote LiveShare or In-person LiveShare:

Step 1: Adding someone to your Lookback Organization

You need to add team members in advance, before you start any remote or in-person LiveShares, if you want to invite those team members to that particular session. Here's how:

  • Log in to Lookback 
  • Find the dropdown menu next to your name (in the top right corner of the page) 
  • Click 'Members' in the dropdown menu
  • On the 'Members' page, fill out the email address(es), one-by-one, and add them to your organization. 

  • This will automatically send them an invitation to sign up as a member of your organization.
  • If you plan to invite someone to observe one of your LiveShare sessions, it's a good idea to make sure they sign up well in advance of the actual session.

Step 2: Send your member a link to observe the session

Once you've added someone to the 'Members' page in your Lookback organization, you can go ahead and send them a link to observe the session Here's how:

  • Click into your specific project
  • Click the 'Invite to Remote' button or 'Start In-Person' button next to the relevant Round
  • In the window that pops up (refer pic below), you will find the a link to 'invite your team to join, you, observe and take notes'.
  • Copy this link
  • Send the link in a separate email to the team members you want to invite to the session, together with other details (date, time of the session, tips on how to part-take in LiveShare sessions etc)
  • On the day of the session, the Lookback member copies and pastes this link in their Google Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop – the sign-up procedure having already been handled. They will be taken to a list of sessions directly when they log in.

Pro Tip! Remind team members to watch the session on a desktop or laptop via Google Chrome on a strong wifi connection.

A piece of advice! All team members can join a LiveShare session, but the person acting as Moderator needs to be the one starting LiveShares.

A Note on Privacy

  • When you invite observers, they can see all your projects and recordings. 

The Private Project feature is available on all plans except the Starter Plan.

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