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New Dashboard

This help article goes over the changes to Lookback's dashboard

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We've changed the dashboard in order to better accommodate existing and upcoming workflows. Most notably for this first iteration, you'll see changes to the project overview, the round setup, and to the way findings are surfaced and reels are created.

You'll still be able to do every job you could do in the old dashboard - we're only changing the structure and removing some unnecessary steps from certain workflows.

Project overview

The project overview used to have all of the rounds and reels in one view:

Old project view

In the new dashboard, we've added navigation on the lefthand side to let you focus on one thing at a time. We're introducing a new page for all the Findings (more on this below) and a new page for the Reels:

New project view

Round setup

Setting up a round used to start with settings, discussion guide creation and participant flow set up, all in one big page, and be followed by a modal for getting the participate link:

Old round setup view

In the new dashboard, we've broken this into separate steps. One page for setting all the "rules" for the round:

New round setup view for round settings

One page for everything the participant will see before the session recording starts, during the session, and once the session is over:

New round setup view for the participant flow

The moderator Discussion guide gets its own page, and so does the links and setups for Participants and Collaborators. In the near future, the latter two will get more features around recruiting, scheduling and stakeholder meetings.

New round setup page for the discussion guide

Introducing Findings

In the old dashboard, Highlights had to be pushed to the dashboard, where they would then appear mixed in with sessions in each respective round. In the new dashboard all Findings created in the player (same mechanism as for old Highlights) are automatically surfaced to a new Findings page together with all Findings from across the project. This makes navigation, discoverability, reel creation, exporting, and sharing faster and simpler than before:

New Findings view

For the same reasons, Reels also get their own page in each project:

New Reels view

Why did we make these changes?

One of the reasons is that we've accumulated a lot of research and feedback over the years showing us that we could improve a lot of things, as per above. We hope and believe that this new structure will make the core workflows of UX research faster, simpler, and more user friendly.

The other main reason is that we have a lot of exciting releases to make space for this fall and we can't just cram it all into the existing structure. You'll soon see some brand new workflows around recruitment, scheduling, incentive payments, and stakeholder management. We'll also keep developing the powers of your research assistant Eureka.

Hope you will find the new dashboard helpful and please do let us know you have any feedback or questions.

Happy researching!

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