Once you've enjoyed all those great user encounters and captured all that valuable participant experience, it's time to synthesize the recordings into a more workable format. You've gone ahead and selected the insights you want to spotlight by creating Highlights. Now, with Highlight Reel, you can weave those highlights into something that supports the case you're building, one single, viewable clip to embed in a presentation or share with stakeholders.

This article explains the basics of how to create a Highlight Reel, get your highlights into it, and how to shape and share your Highlight reel. You can also check out our Lookback Short on Highlight Reels as well!

Step 1: Make the highlights visible on the Dashboard

Created Highlights don't automatically appear in the Rounds view when created, as could be expected. We've made that step deliberate to not clutter the Rounds view unnecessarily. Here's how to make a created Highlight appear on your Dashboard.

  1. Click the session that holds a highlight that you want to add to your Highlight Reel.

  2. Find the highlight in the Session Feed (to the right in the Player view)

  3. Click the ellipsis icon (three dots) in that highlight and select 'Show on Dashboard'. Highlights will now appear at the top of the Rounds view, ready to be moved into a Highlight Reel.

🚀 Pro Tip! If you've made a time-stamped Note that you later want to turn into a Highlight, that's super easy: just click the light bulb icon in that note – done!

🚀 Pro Tip! Edit/tweak Highlights before you move them into the Highlight Reel. Once the Highlight is in the Highlight reel, the only editing possible is to crop it further by creating a new Highlight.

Step 2: Create Highlight Reel / move Highlights from Round to Reel

  1. Go to the relevant Project

  2. Click 'New Highlight Reel' (top right) and name the Highlight Reel

  3. Scroll down and check mark ✅ the highlights you want to move

  4. Click the Ellipsis button (three dots) in the relevant Round and select 'Move to'

  5. Click the Highlight Reel you want to move the selected Highlights into

🚀 Pro Tip! Don't skip naming your Highlight reel – it may seem superfluous at first, but it really helps you navigate once the reels start adding up.

🚀 Pro Tip! Move up to 20 highlights from various Rounds in the same Project into one Highlight Reel!

Step 3: Reorder and Download the Highlight Reel

Once you've moved the Highlights into the Highlight Reel you may want to rearrange the order – here's how:

  1. Click the 'Reorder' button

  2. Rearrange the highlights, drag-and-drop style, into your preferred order and click 'Done'.

  3. Click 'Download' to download a single video file that will play all the Highlights within your Highlight Reel in sequence.

🚀 Pro Tip! Copy the link of the Highlight Reel (by clicking the ellipsis button) to share with other team-members.

📌 Don't delete the original session! Technically the Highlight is just a shortcut to a snippet in the original recording, so if you delete the original session (in a cleaning-up spirit) the Highlight would be deleted too.

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