First of all, the Lookback organization and/or subscription is sometimes referred to as "account", which can lead to confusion. As a Lookback user there's your organization, your user account and your subscription. This article will hopefully clarify what's what, and how to go about deleting.

  • A user account is individual, personal, and it's possible to have a user account without being part of a Lookback organization or an active subscription.

  • The Lookback organization (org) can have unlimited team members (user accounts)

  • One and the same user account can be associated with different Lookback orgs

  • The subscription is associated with the Lookback organization, not the user account.

  • Cancelling the subscription does not change anything in regards to your user account or Lookback organization, it just means your current subscription plan will not auto-renew at the end of the billing cycle.

Deleting your Lookback organization:

  • Only when logged in with the owner email can you delete your Lookback organization

  • Please note that if you delete your org that means your recordings will also be deleted. If you want to save your recordings, download them before deleting your org. Also, recordings have to be downloaded while your subscription is still active.

  • To delete your organization:

    1. Go to the Dropdown menu (top right)

    2. Select Organization settings

    3. Scroll to the bottom --> Delete organization.

Deleting your Lookback user account:

Deleting a user account is only possible if you're not a team member in a Lookback organization:

  1. To have your user account deleted if you're the owner: first either delete your Lookback organization(s), as described above or transfer ownership of the org to a different org.

  2. To have your user account deleted if you're just a team member (not the owner): ask the owner of your org to first remove you from the org in question, which is done on the Members page when logged in (which you'll find via the drop-down menu). If you don't know who the owner is, you can find that information on the Members page as well.

  3. Once either of the above is complete, sign in to Lookback and send us your 'Delete Account' request via chat (the messenger bubble on your lower right on the Dashboard) – make sure to reconfirm that you have either deleted your Lookback Org or transferred ownership, to further facilitate.

If you want to cancel your subscription

Read this help article.

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