The owner of Lookback Orgs on the Starter, Pro, Team and Insights Hub Plans can transfer ownership to another member of your Lookback Org if necessary (i.e. employment is ending, job role change etc.).

Transfer ownership

Please note in order to transfer ownership to someone else in your org the new owner needs to be listed on the Members page.

If the new owner is not a member of your Lookback org yet, please invite them first. 

To transfer ownership, the current owner can:

  • Click the drop down menu, on the top right corner of your dashboard.

  • Click Organization settings. 

  • Scroll down to Transfer Ownership

  • Click Set a new owner.

  • Click on the name of the new owner.

  • Click Transfer to...
    You're done!

The new owner will receive an email confirmation from Lookback confirming the transfer of ownership.

The previous owner will now be listed as "Observer" in the case of Starter and Pro subscription plans or a just "Member" in the case of Team and Insights Hub Plans.

The previous owner can also choose to 'Leave Organization' (ie: remove themselves from the Lookback Org completely), by going to the Members Page and clicking 'Leave' beside their name.

Special cases

Owner left the organization/company

  • For security and privacy reasons we can not transfer ownership without the original account owner's permission

  • If the account owner is no longer employed at your company and used a company email to set up the org, you can 1) reach out to the previous employees and get the login credentials to access the org, or if that's not possible (e.g. you're no longer in touch with the previous employee), you can 2) ask your IT department to recreate the previous employee's inbox and then use the reset password flow to gain access.

  • Once you've gained access to the former employee's inbox, you can follow the steps above to change password and/or transfer account ownership and remove the former employee from the org.

  • Please note if you are unable to gain access to the former employee's email inbox, you can as a last resort create a new org account in Lookback – that won't give you access to the previous data, but it will give you the opportunity to conduct new research.

Transferring ownership on the Freelance plan

If you're on a Freelance plan and want to transfer ownership to someone else (which is not possible the regular way, since there's only one team member in Freelance), please reach out to support and we'll help you out.

ProTip! Use a secured shared password and account information tool such as 1password or make sure the account ownership is transferred prior to the employee leaving your company.

Please contact us if you need any further clarification on this. We're here to help!


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