If you are a collaborator (not observer) in a paid Pro or Enterprise organization, you can download recordings from Lookback.

How to Download

To download a recording, while viewing a recording, click on the export icon to download your recording as a .m4v file.

To download a recording from Project View, Highlights View, or the All Recordings View, select a recording and click the Export button at the top left.

Screen Video vs. Face Video vs. Combined Video

Screen Video will give you a recording of the device's screen, while Face (camera) Video will give you the participant's face. Please note, Screen Video does not include audio (except for Live session recordings).

Combined Video (screenshotted below) will give you both. The facial camera recording is superimposed on top of the screen recording so you can see both recordings in the same file, making it easier to share. 

Here's a screenshot of what a Combined Video download looks like if the participant's device is a desktop:

Can I download more than one video at a time?

Unfortunately, mass downloads or the ability to download more than one video at a time is not a feature yet. 

Please note: Anyone who's part of a Standard organization can't download recordings unless their organization was created before July 26, 2017. Standard orgs created before July 26, 2017 are able to download the screen recording or face recording separately, but not combined. Read more here.

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