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Email template – Tasks & SelfTest on Desktop
Email template – Tasks & SelfTest on Desktop

Unmoderated concept testing and step-by-step studies

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Hey [Participant First Name],

Thanks for your willingness to participate in our research study. Please read this email carefully as it contains important information you need to know for this project.

Complete by: [Time] on [Date]

Compensation: [Details of Compensation]

For this research study, you will be using Lookback's website. This will record anything displayed on your screen as well as your camera and microphone feeds.

Before your session:

  • Make sure you have a compatible operating system and browser. You will be participating in this study via Lookback's platform, using your web browser, so please click here to see a full list of supported operating systems and browsers.

  • Close any other apps, websites, and notifications with sensitive info like passwords etc.

  • Check to make sure you're on a strong internet connection. We recommend
    at least 5Mbps available both for uploading and downloading.

  • Make sure your browser is not in full-screen mode

Starting the session:

  1. Since there will not be a moderator to guide you through the test, and you will be completing the test in your own time, it's important that we can hear and understand you, as we won't be able to ask questions during the test. Please speak aloud throughout the study so we can gather your thoughts and perspectives.

  2. Open up this link: [Tasks/SelfTest Link] – remember to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Brave

  3. Follow the instructions in the video below [link to video can be found here]. You can also review this help article for step-by-step instructions.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to chatting with you!

[Researcher’s First Name]

For the researcher

We encourage you to modify the email template above to fit your needs. A few things you may want to include in your email:

  • The above template assumes you are using our extension-free beta (default setting). If you are using the Chrome extension instead, you can replace step 3 under Starting the session with instructions from this help article.

  • If you prefer anonymity, instruct your Participants to enter their name as P1, 2,... and their email can simply be

  • Instructions regarding what the participant should do (tasks to complete, questions to answer, etc.)

  • If the participant is testing an App or a Prototype viewed in an App, include instructions on how to navigate away from the browser to your App (only if applicable)

  • Info about what a participant should do if they need to cancel or reschedule

  • Reminder for Participant to call from a place with strong wifi (we recommend at least 5Mbps for upload and download speeds) and no background noise

  • Contract / Consent Form for participant to sign — if applicable

  • Links to an external survey etc. — if applicable

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