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How to create and access a Discussion Guide for Moderators in Interview & LiveShare sessions

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When running through a moderated Interview or Live Share session with your participant, it can sometimes be helpful to have a list of questions or notes for things you want to make sure you cover with the participant during your session.

Using Lookback's Discussion guide, you can create a list that will only be seen by you as the moderator so you make sure you don't miss anything important!

Creating a Discussion Guide

A Discussion Guide can be created for both moderated round/session types: Interview and LiveShare

To create your Discussion Guide

  1. Open the round you want to create a guide for

  2. Enter the relevant information into your guide. It will be the first section at the top and Markdown formatting is supported like other sections of the Round Editor.


  3. Click Save at the top right to save your changes

πŸš€ If you use a list at the top level, those items will be displayed as checkboxes during the live session (numbers 1, 2, and 3 from the above screenshot).

​This allows the moderator to check off questions as they are completed. We do not currently keep the status of those checkboxes anywhere; they are solely an in-session visual aid at this time.

Using your Discussion Guide

To access your Discussion Guide during a moderated session:

  1. Click on the Discussion Guide icon πŸ“„ in the moderator controls at the bottom of your screen

  2. You can click and drag the Discussion guide anywhere within the player window

  3. Use the Discussion Guide controls to


    1. Check off questions as you complete them

    2. Change the font size

    3. Switch the Discussion Guide to Dark Mode

    4. Close the Discussion Guide

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