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Can I send the same link to each participant in my study?
Can I send the same link to each participant in my study?
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Can I send the same link to each participant within the same Round, or do I need to generate different links for each participant?

Yes, you will send the same link to all participants that are carrying out a specific type of test (within the same Round). You can generate the link by creating a Round within a Project

You'll be given a chance to copy the Participant Link as part of the setup flow when you create a new round, but you can always get the Participant Link for a round by clicking into the Project > Select the Round you need the link for > Click Invite Participants > Copy the Participant Link. This process is the same, regardless of the type of Round you're using:

For In-Person moderated testing, you'll create a LiveShare Round and click the "kebab" menu (3 veritcal dots) and then click In-Person testing...

A unique interview room is created for each participant who clicks on the link, so you never have to worry about one participant interfering with a different session. The result will be multiple separate sessions (recordings) within a Round that originated from the same participant link. They will automatically sort by session date, with the newest sessions at the top.


  • Email templates to send Participant Links to Participants and explain how to get started.

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