In various locations in the Lookback dashboard, you can format text according to your needs. You can, for instance, make it bold, italic, underlined, or create headings and hyperlinks. You can even refer to images!

We use a thing called Markdown in order to format the text. You'll write it in plain text, but the end result is formatted. You can read more about Markdown in this guide.

You can use Markdown in:

  • Your notes and chats in the Live and regular player.
  • The Intro and outro messages for a project.

Quick start

Here's a quick intro:

  • Make text bold by surrounding it with two stars: **bold text** .
  • Make text italic by surrounding it with one star: *italic text* .
  • Make a list by using a hyphen on a new line:
- This is an item
- This is a new item
- Another item!
  • Insert headings by using # , for appropriate heading level. #  for first level heading, ## for second level heading, and so on.

Complete Example

This might be an intro message, set in your project:

# User test for Acme org

Hi Stephanie! I'm Johan – glad that you wanted to be a part of our user testing session today!

## Tasks

1. Do this thing X
2. Do that thing Y
3. *Don't forget* to do Z **before** finishing!

When finished, please refer to [this survey]( which we ask all participants to take.

Thanks again!

The message will be formatted as this:

Now you know a little bit more about how to make your text in Lookback look dashingly good!

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