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Words in my test instructions auto-change
Words in my test instructions auto-change

How auto-translate tools can interfere when using the Chrome extension

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Did you encounter a problem where the words in the Instructions seen by the participant don't match the words you've actually written in Instructions in your Rounds settings? This is a rather rare phenomenon that can occasionally occur for some participants using our Chrome extension on their desktop/laptop when participating in a SelfTest or Tasks for Desktop.

At the moment, Lookback's UI language is in English, so even if a user is writing Rounds instructions in another language, if auto-translate in Chrome settings is set on the 'Always translate English' option, and Chrome consequently detects English in Lookback's Participate Extension UI (eg. the text 'Get Started'), Chrome may start translating, and when doing so it seems Chrome may also start "translating" the text in the other language as well, messing things up in unexpected ways. This would, of course, mostly occur when the similarities with English in the "other" language are many.

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about this, since it's not Lookback related per se, it's Chrome territory.

Our suggestions to avoid these problems are to:

These two simple measures should be enough to make sure your original Welcoming message/Instructions text/Final message are shown to the Participant without any unexpected translations or changes by Chrome.

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