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Words in my test instructions auto-change
Words in my test instructions auto-change

How auto-translate tools can interfere when using the Chrome extension

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Did you encounter a problem where the words in the Instructions seen by the participant don't match the words you've actually written in Instructions in your Rounds settings? This is a rather rare phenomenon that can occasionally occur for some participants using their desktop computer when participating in a SelfTest, Tasks, or LiveShare session.

While Lookback does support multiple languages for Participants, the Lookback dashboard itself (where you create and manage projects & sessions) is currently only available in English. As a result, even if the instructions are written in another language, if the Participant's auto-translate setting in Chrome is set to Always translate English, Chrome may unintentionally translate your custom text as well, messing things up in unexpected ways.

While it's not possible for Lookback to force the language in these scenarios, there is a workaround you can share with participants if you run into this issue.

  1. Write the tasks/instructions in the language of your choice (rather than English) when you create a Round within Lookback.

  2. Request that your participants turn off translation in their Chrome Settings and restart their desktop/laptop before they start a Lookback session: here's the help article in Chrome's help section showing you how to do this

These two simple measures should be enough to make sure your original Welcome Message, Instructions, and Final message are shown to the Participant without any unexpected translations or changes by Chrome.

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