Sometimes, your recordings get long. Some user research sessions might be an hour or more. And in those scenarios, you might want to extract small highlights (good or bad) from the recording, in order to use in a summary or send to any stakeholders (designers, developers, others).

Lookback supports creating these highlights from within the player. Read more below.

Start Editing

First, visit the recording you want to save highlights from. To start editing, you can do any of these three things:

  • Click just below the timeline (when hovering your cursor below the timeline you should see scissors appear)
  • Click on the scissors icon to the right of the timeline
  • Press "t" on your keyboard to mark the beginning of a snippet and then "t" again to mark the end of a snippet

You can fine-tune length and location of your snippet by:

  • Dragging either end of the snippet 
  • Clicking on the center snippet to move the entire selection.

Saving a Snippet

The segment has two options: Save as… and Share. The Share option will let you link to that specific piece of the recording for others to watch, but the Save as…option is the one we’re interested in. Please click it.

Now you’re able to set a name for the highlight. We autofill the name, but you’re of course free to pick a new one. We'll add the highlight to the same project and round as the recording.

Finally, click Save to create the highlight. You can choose to watch it right away, or create more highlights.

You're done!

Remember: Don't delete the Original Recording!

The highlight/snippet just points to a part of the original recording. So if you delete the original recording the highlight would get deleted too. 

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