Highlights are a great way to extract important snippets from you session, in order to use in a summary or send to any stakeholders (designers, developers, others).

Lookback supports creating Highlights during a LiveShare session and while replaying the session too.

Create a highlight during a LiveShare session

  1. Add a Note
  2. Click the click the 🔆 sun icon to convert the Note into a Highlight. This will create a 1 minute highlight using the timestamp of the Note as the in-point.

🚀 Pro Tip! Just click the ellipsis to edit the or timestamps of your Highlight

and fine-tune length and location of the Highlight.

Create a highlight while reviewing a session

There are several ways to create highlights in the re-player. You turn a note into a highlight directly from the session feed by selecting the note and clicking the sun symbol.

Or you can:

  1. Click the 'Highlight icon'💡 beside the timeline or tap "t" on your keyboard, while playing the session in the re-player - to mark the beginning of a snippet.
  2. And then click the 'Highlight icon' or tap "t" on your keyboard again to mark the end of a Highlight / snippet
  3. Give your Highlight a name and click 'Save'.

🚀 Pro Tip! Drag either end of the Highlight to change the length of the highlight

Publish Highlights in your Dashboard

You can create as many Highlights as you want without worrying about filling up the Round with clips. Once you are done creating Highlights, just select the ones you like and send them to the dashboard.

Remember: Don't delete the Original Session!

The Highlight/snippet just points to a part of the original recording. So if you delete the original session the Highlight would get deleted too. 


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