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How can I create a highlight / save part of a recording?
How can I create a highlight / save part of a recording?

Editing recordings to create snippets and highlights to share with your team.

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Highlights are a great way to extract important snippets from you session, in order to use in a summary or send to any stakeholders (designers, developers, others).

Lookback supports creating Highlights during a LiveShare session and while replaying the session too.

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Create a highlight during a LiveShare session

  1. Add a Note

  2. Click the click the πŸ”† sun icon to convert the Note into a Highlight (the sun icon will appear automatically when you hover over the note). This will create a 1 minute highlight using the timestamp of the Note as the in-point.

πŸš€ Just click the menu icon οΈ™ to edit the or timestamps of your Highlight

and fine-tune length and location of the Highlight.

Create a highlight while reviewing a session

There are two ways to create highlights when reviewing a session:

  1. Convert a note to a highlight: Hover over the note and click the πŸ”† sun icon to convert it to a highlight (the sun icon will appear automatically when you hover over the note)

  2. Using the timeline

    1. Click the highlight icon πŸ”† on the right end of the timeline or tap "t" on your keyboard while playing the session to mark the beginning of a highlight.

    2. Click the highlight icon πŸ”† or tap "t" on your keyboard again to mark the end of the highlight

    3. Give your Highlight a name and click 'Save'.

πŸš€ Drag either end of the Highlight to change the length of the highlight

Publish Highlights on your Dashboard

Created Highlights don't automatically appear in the Rounds view when created. This is a deliberate attempt to not clutter the Rounds view unnecessarily.

So you'll need to publish highlights on your dashboard first, in order to export the highlight as a video file or create a Highlight Reel.

Here's how to make a created Highlight appear on your Dashboard.

  1. Click the session that holds a highlight that you want to add to your Highlight Reel.

  2. Find the highlight in the Session Feed (to the right in the Player view)

  3. Click the ellipsis icon (three dots) in that highlight and select 'Show on Dashboard'. Highlights will now appear at the top of the Rounds view, ready to be moved into a Highlight Reel.


❗️Don't delete the Original Session! The Highlight/snippet just points to a part of the original recording. So if you delete the original session, the Highlight will also be deleted.

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