Whether you're planning moderated or unmoderated research, remote or in-person, screen sharing or not, here's a checklist to help set the ball rolling with your Lookback research.

✅ Create projects/rounds

Pro Tip! Full capability team members on a Pro, Team, Insights Hub and Enterprise subscription can create Private Projects, that way limiting access to confidential projects if necessary.

✅ Pre-session communication

Preparing participants is essential to ensure successful research sessions. The same goes for team members and external stakeholders you plan to part-take in the sessions.

  • Our email templates give you baseline information that you can customize as needed and send along when you invite your participants.

  • anyone expected to observe and part-take in a session should be added as a team member in your Lookback organization prior to the session starts. The alternative is to use a public link that can be created after the session has started.

✅ Compatibility

But as a moderator, it's important to be aware that many of the factors that can influence if a session will be successful or not. for a successful sessions to the participant. Factors , things like stable wifi connection, compatible and fully updated device, check settings for the connection so nothing is blocking Lookback data. Some resources:

✅ Conducting sessions

Is it a moderated study where you will guide and handhold the participant through the experience, or is it one where your participant will complete the session in her/his own time, guided by written instructions? Find some resources below:

Round types

✅ Extra pointers to:

✅ As soon as you've completed a session, whatever the type, it will be listed in your Dashboard, under the Round where the participant link was fetched from.

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