There are times when the Research Participant is seated beside you at your lab or office and you have a chance to give instructions in-person and let the conversation flow. It's for times like this that we created the new seamless iOS In-person experience. And what's more? Other stakeholders can observe the session too.

Before the Participant Arrives:

Create a Project 

  • Log on to Lookback on your laptop/desktop and Create a Project and make sure to check "iOS" when you "select the devices you’d like to test".

Invite Observers

  • Click into your project and click on "Live" on the top right corner. Copy the "Observer Link" from the window that pops up. 
  • Email this link to Observers along with instructions, date and time of the in-person test. But before you do so, check that these Observers have already been added as "Observers" to your "Members page"
  • Now you're done with your laptop/desktop.
  • Make sure you have a compatible iOS device with a compatible iOS version installed. You'll need iOS 12.2 and up of official releases. No beta versions. If your iOS device has the right iOS version - it will be compatible with Lookback.

When the Participant Arrives 

  • On the same iOS Device, open a browser window and log on to your Lookback account (as a collaborator) .
  • Tap the specific project you created in your dashboard.
  • Then tap the "In-Person" button and go ahead and tap "Start now". 
  • You'll be asked if you'd like to "Open in Participate?"
  • Tap "Open"
  • When the Participate App opens up you'll get a chance to "Name your session". 

Hand over the iOS device to the participant 


Help the participant follow the prompts and grant permissions as follows:

  • When asked to "Allow Notifications" switch the the toggle button to green and tap "Allow" and then "Next" to be alerted in the unlikely case there's a technical issue during the session.
  • Then tap "Ok" and then "Next" to  "Turn on Camera". If the participant doesn't want to share camera, they can choose to "skip. But that means, they can't switch on camera again, once the session begins.
  • Enable screen and mic recording
  1. Check Mic is "On". (Red means "On")
  2. Tap "Start Broadcast". 
  3. Wait for 3 seconds. 
  • Now the participant will be taken to your "Landing Page" (if you've set one) and you're ready to conduct your in-person session.

Time to Test

  • You know best. Give the participant instructions and tasks. Do your thing.

Upload your In-person Session

  • When the test is all done, request your participant to tap the "Red button" (Red Bar) on top of the screen, to end the session. And tap "Stop" to reconfirm.
  • When the participant is asked if they'd like to end the session, ask them to select "Yes, end session"
  • Presto! You've successfully completed an iOS In-Person Session with Lookback's New iOS Participate App.


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