Live Streaming an In-Person Study on Android, would be the best option when you have an Android user (research participant), at your lab or office, and you want to invite your colleagues to observe and collaborate with you in real time. 

This is in essence a "Live" test where the moderator and participant are in the same room. 

In addition, systemwide recording on Android means you can test websites, Prototypes, Apps, and the Android system and practically anything on the Android screen. 

Before the Participant Arrives: On the Moderator Machine

Create a Project 

  • Log on to Lookback on your laptop/desktop (moderator machine) and Create a Project and remember to check "Android" when you "select the devices you’d like to test".

Invite the Participant and Observers

  • Still on your laptop/desktop (moderator machine), click into your project and click on "Live" on the top right corner. 
  • Copy the "Participant Link" from the window that pops up. Send this link (in an email or a message) to the Android device that your participant will be using. 
  • Next copy the "Observer Link" from the same window. Email this link to Observers along with instructions, date and time of the in-person test. But first ensure that these Observers have already been added as "Observers" to your "Members page"

When your Participant Arrives: On the Android device 

  • Pick up the Android device that your participant will be testing on and check it's connected to a Strong Wifi connection and it's not affected by a Firewall. This is essential.
  • Now open the "Participant Link" that you sent to this device earlier. 
  • Hand over the Android device to the participant and help the participant, install the Participate App (if necessary), follow the prompts and grant permission to record camera, mic and screen. (No need for headphones though!)
  • When the participant sees a screen on the Android device that says, "All set. We're waiting for the other party to join", leave the Android device in the safe hands of your participant. 
  • It's now time to don your "moderator" hat.

Turn your attention to your Moderator Machine

  • Go to your Lookback dashboard on your desktop/laptop (moderator machine), click "Live" on the left side navigation and click into the appropriate "Live session" and click "Start Moderating". (And instruct your participant to tap "Start" to answer the call on their Android device).
  • Once the "Live" session starts, immediately click the "green mic" icon on the top right corner of your laptop/desktop screen. And click the "mute" key on your keyboard. This will mute the microphone on the moderator machine, prevent echo and ensure that audio is recorded only from the participant's Android device.
  • Since the session is now live, your teammates whom you invited as "observers" will also be able to watch the "Live" session, take notes and and chat online with you.
  • Just continue moderating as you would moderate a normal "Live session" - give the participant instructions and prompt them for responses. The only difference here is that your voice (and the participant's voice) is being recorded by the participant's Android device, since you're seated beside the participant.
  • When you're done testing, just click "End Session" on the top right corner of your desktop/laptop (moderator machine).

Happy streaming! 📹


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