Conducting an In-Person LiveShare: Android

Conduct an In-Person Android Study and invite colleagues to observe

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When the research participant is seated beside you at your lab or office, you have an opportunity to give instructions in-person. Which is why we created the new seamless Android In-Person LiveShare. And guess what? Your stakeholders can observe the session too.

Before the participant arrives:

Create a Round within a Project 

  • Log on to Lookback on your laptop/desktop and Create a LiveShare Round within a Project. Make sure to check Android when you select the Device requirements. You can also choose to hide browser controls, if necessary.

Prepare your QR code image

  • Click into the relevant 'Project' and click Start In-Person in the relevant 'Round.'

  • Print or keep the mobile QR code available. You'll need it to start the LiveShare. 

Invite members from your Lookback Org to observe

  • You can use our Observer Lobby links to invite any colleagues or stakeholders to join your session as observers and/or to help take notes

  • Now you're done with your laptop/desktop.

Prepare your Test Device

When the participant arrives:

  • Open the camera on your test device. 

  • Scan the QR code.

  • Tap 'Open in Participate.'

  • When the Participate App opens up you'll get a chance to 'Name your session.'

Hand over the Android device to the participant 


Help the participant follow the prompts and enable camera, mic and screen recording:

  • Optional: Toggle the Camera option to the "on" position (to the right)

  • Microphone must be enabled to proceed

  • Screen must be enabled to proceed

  • Once you enable the toggle button by Screen, tap Start now followed by Next to proceed

Time to Test

  • Now the participant will be taken to your 'Landing Page' (if you've set one) and you're ready to conduct your In-Person LiveShare.

  • You know best. Give the participant instructions and tasks. Do your thing!

  • Oh...just FYI
    - 'Landing Page' will take the participant to the website or url-based prototype they'll be testing.
    - 'Instructions' will list out your tasks and written instructions for the participant.
    - 'Pause Session' will help Pause or End the LiveShare.

🚀 If you're testing an App or and App-based prototype, just request the participant to navigate away from the 'Lookback Participate App' to the App you want them to test. But don't close the Lookback Participate App!

End your In-Person LiveShare

  1. When it's time to end the test, (tap the hand icon to navigate back to the Participate App, if necessary)

  2. Tap Pause Session and you'll have the options Resume or End session.

  3. Tap End Session and then End session one final time to confirm.

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