If you are a collaborator (not observer) in a paid Pro or Enterprise organization, you can download recordings from Lookback.

How to Download

To download a recording, while viewing a recording, click on the export icon to download your recording as a .m4v file.

Screen Video vs. Face Video vs. Combined Video

Screen Video will give you a recording of the device's screen, while Face (camera) Video will give you the participant's face.

Combined Video (screenshotted below) will give you both. A combined export is the screen and face videos combined into one file, with the face placed next to the screen.

Here's a screenshot of what a Combined Video download looks like if the participant's device is a desktop:

Can I download more than one video at a time?

Unfortunately, bulk downloads or the ability to download more than one video at a time is not a feature yet. We have it on our roadmap so stay tuned!

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