We recently announced some changes to our InVision integration. Don't worry, InVision testing still works and only requires a few steps!


Copy the InVision prototype "share link" from InVisionapp.com. The share link is located in the upper right corner of the prototype. 

Learn more in InVision's Help Section.

Go to your Lookback dashboard and create a new 'Round' within a 'Project' by clicking on the plus icon.

You will be asked for a 'Landing page' to send participants to. This is where you paste your InVision share link:


That's it! From here, when you send participants a SelfTest link (unmoderated research) or LiveShare link (remote moderated), they'll be redirected to the InVision prototype on their device. 

Supported operating systems:
✅  iOS
✅  Android
✅  Desktop (Windows and Mac) 

Pro Tip: Check out these email templates if you're not sure what instructions to give participants.

Once the participant completes their testing, the sessions will be viewable in your dashboard.

What's Next?

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