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How to find specific sessions more quickly

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As you continue to do research using Lookback and accumulate a lot of sessions, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you're looking for. Lookback's search feature is comprehensive and helps you find what you need quickly.

When you perform a search, our system will look for the term(s) in the following areas of your Lookback organisation:

  1. Project Names

  2. Round Names

  3. Session Names

  4. Highlight Reels

  5. Session Highlights

  6. Session Notes

  7. Session Chat Feed

  8. Session Transcriptions

If you know what you're looking for is any of the categories listed above, you can choose to filter out anything you don't want to search in using the filter.

You can also use operators to narrow down your search even more:

  • Surround words with quotes "like this" to search for a phrase

    • Searching for "Figma Prototype" will find all of the instances with that exact phrase.

  • Prefix with a minus sign like this -removeme to remove a word from the results.

    • Searching for iOS -Android will return all results that include iOS but not Android.

  • Use OR to conditionally include terms, such as this OR that.

    • Searching for iOS OR Android will return any results with iOS or Android in the text

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