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Chrome Participants: Nothing happens when clicking "Get Started"
Chrome Participants: Nothing happens when clicking "Get Started"

If you're participating in a research study but can't get the "Get Started" button to work, try some of these troubleshooting steps.

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πŸš€ This help article only applies to participants using the Chrome extension for desktop. If you did not have to install a Chrome extension, you are likely using the extension-free beta in which case this help article can assist if you are running into similar issues.

Applicable to the following round types on desktops using Chrome:

  • LiveShare (moderated)

  • Tasks (unmoderated)

  • SelfTest (unmoderated)


Normally when participating in one of the above sessions types, after opening the participant link you'll be prompted to install the Participate extension from the Chrome store. Once that's installed, you click on the "Get Started" button and a small side panel should open on the right where you enter your name, email, and configure your microphone, camera, and screen sharing.

In a very small number of cases, nothing happens when you click on "Get Started" so below are some troubleshooting steps to try.

Troubleshooting Steps

If you experience the issue above, please try the following:

  • Exit full screen mode in any apps/programs if you are currently using it

  • If you're using multiple monitors, it's possible the pop-up showed up on a different monitor. It could also be hidden behind other open windows.

  • Make sure Chrome is not set to block pop-ups (or at least allows exceptions for all site)

  • Double check the permissions settings in Chrome:

    • Go to chrome://extensions

    • Find "Participate by Lookback"

    • Click "Details"

    • Make sure "Automatically allow access on the following sites" is enabled


  • Disable (at least temporarily) any extensions that may be interfering or again, at least allow for exceptions for (Ad-Blockers and Security/Anti-Malware extensions are notorious for interfering)

  • Reboot your computer

  • Reinstall the Participate Extension

  • Try using Microsoft Edge which is also compatible with our Chrome extension and is free, easy to install, and can be removed after the session if you prefer.

  • If you are using a work computer, check with your IT team to see if there's any security software installed that may be interfering

Hopefully one or more of the steps above should get you up and running, but if you still have questions, please reach out to our support team using the bubble in the lower-right corner or emailing us at

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